Best Free Online Fairy Games

Fairy games for children are a perfect way to entertain your kids and explore their creativity and imagination. Playing free online fairy games not only helps your child practice their computer skills, but also helps her/him develop reading and thinking skills in a fun and enjoyable manner. Take a look at some of these best free online fairy games listed below.

Bubble Fairy Games:

In this adventure filled fairy game, your child plays the role of a little fairy Fairy Gamestrying to save her best friend. The little friend who has been kidnapped by the devil is caged inside a magic bubble. To play the game, your child has to stop the bubble from touching sharp objects inside the caves, thereby protecting the caged friend from getting injured. The child finally is successful in saving the friend after completing all the levels in the game.

Fairy Dream Dress Up:

Fairy Dream DressupThis fun online fairy game allows your child to dress up a fairy using a variety of different outfits. The child is allowed to choose from among the various dresses, wings, shoes and other accessories and lets the child use his creativity to make her fairy look the best. Making these choices promotes decision making skills.

Fairy Fishing:

This puzzle game is one of those fairy games for children that allow them to catchFairy Games the fairies and reel them in. The different colored fairies in this game have different point values attached to them. Thus, to win this fairy fishing game, the player has to capture as many fairies as possible in a short period of time.

Fairyland RescueFairy Games:

Fairyland has been overtaken by the goblins that have destroyed the beauty and taken away the color. Zap the goblins with your magic wand to restore the color to Fairyland.This game has several levels with each level more difficult than the previous level.Younger children may find the goblins scary and the necessary speed of moving and clicking the mouse too challengening. Recommended for children 8 years old or older.

Fairy Tale Theme Party:

In this fairy game, a little girl needs to dress up in a costume of famous fairy tale character. Since the girl is finding it difficult to choose an appropriate costume, the player helps the girl decide what she can wear for the party.

Ninja Keys:

This game allows your child to guide the Ninja to help reach the fairy princess to compete a level. For playing this game, the player helps the Ninja to collect the keys scattered in the enemy territory before reaching the fairy princess to win a particular level.

Fairy Café:

A perfect game for all those children who wish to become great entrepreneurs, this fairy game requires the player to help Betty the fairy to keep her customers happy in her pretty little café.

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